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In 2025, the Belcourt turns 100. We plan to mark that important milestone in many celebratory ways —and we are starting with the work of compiling a comprehensive, thorough history of the Belcourt and the role it’s had in Nashville —as well as in wider spheres of film, entertainment, arts and culture.

An essential part of the Belcourt’s history is the stories of audiences who’ve filled our seats —and graced our stage, lived nearby, worked front-of-house or behind-the-scenes, and saw the ups and downs of Nashville’s oldest neighborhood theater.

Whatever your connections, experiences, reflections and memories, we hope you’ll share your Belcourt story.

To help you do so, we’ve created the Belcourt Stories Project. Through the Belcourt Stories Project, we gather individual stories (via video-recorded oral history) —which we’ll organize, index and share in a variety of formats during our 100th anniversary year.

We’re using a platform created by a group called TheirStory, one that is specially designed to collect, preserve and share individual histories.

Here’s how it works. Click the button above or this link, and you will be taken to the Belcourt’s secure TheirStory profile. At that link, you can record yourself (both video and audio). And as you’ll see, we have included a series of questions that help prompt story-telling.

When you’re done, the platform makes it easy for you to send your recording to us. That’s it.

We look forward to hearing your Belcourt story —and thank you.



We hope you’ll find help here for any questions you might have about the Belcourt Stories Project. If you need additional assistance, please email

How long will this recording take to complete?

It depends on how many questions you answer and to what length. However, we recommend setting aside 30 minutes to one hour of time.

Do I need to set up an account or download an app to record my story?

No. The link will take you to a securely hosted recording software platform in just one click.

Does the Belcourt Stories Project work on my phone?

Yes, it does. But it works best on a laptop/desktop computer.

How should I record myself?

Use the devices of your choice (though a laptop/desktop works best). All you will need is a clear camera angle of your face and a working microphone.

Where should I record my story?

Please record yourself in a quiet, private space —as free from distractions, interruptions and background noise as possible.

I started recording my story, but want to go back and finish it later. How do I save what I’ve done as a draft?

Unfortunately, you can’t. The recording software does not have a pause ordraft function. Once a recording is stopped, a new call must be started in order to continue forward with recording.

Do I have to answer every question to complete my recording?

No. You can skip backwards and forwards using the arrows to the rightand left of the prompts. Answer as many (or all of them) as you like!

I’ve already submitted a story, but have thought of some other things I’d like to share. Can I send another recording?

You can!

Who owns my story once I have recorded and submitted it?

In accordance with oral history best practices, both the individuals in the recording, as well as the Belcourt, will co-own the recording. The recording software, TheirStory, claims no ownership to content created through their software. Before your recording is made, you will be asked to give informed consent and must agree to the terms to continue. You will also be given an option to download a copy of the recording for yourself.

I’ve got photos, personal papers, etc. related to the Belcourt that might be helpful. Are you interested in these sorts of materials?

Absolutely! For any and all such materials, please email us at

I’m just not comfortable using this technology? Are there other options?

Certainly! Feel free to email us at or call us at 615-846-3150 X23. Or you can mail a note to: The Belcourt Stories Project c/o Belcourt Theatre, 2102 Belcourt Ave, Nashville TN, 37212.

If your question isn’t addressed here or if you need any additional assistance, email us at And thank you!