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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Belcourt’s Reopening

How do I buy a ticket?
To purchase a ticket, go to the film’s page and scroll down to SHOWTIMES. Click on the actual showtime (i.e. 7:00pm) you’d like to attend. Next, select the quantity and type of tickets you’d like and add them to your cart. (If you’re a member, you’ll need to log in before adding tickets to your cart.)

How do I know which theater a movie will be shown in?
To see which hall any particular screening will be playing in, just click on the actual showtime at and the hall will be listed just under the film’s title on its ticketing page.

Why do I have to wear a mask if I’ve already been vaccinated for Covid-19?
The CDC and health officials recommend vaccinated individuals continue to wear masks in public to prevent spreading the virus to others who have not yet received the vaccine.

What about virtual programming?
Our virtual cinema offerings will continue as the theatre transitions into full-time operation. Education and engagement events like seminars and film discussions will stay online-only until further notice.

What about the drive-in?
We loved doing the Belcourt Drive-In — and we may do more pop-up drive-in screenings someday. But our drive-in screenings required moving a projector out of one of the halls — and now with reopening, we’ll be showing films in both halls and need both projectors.