The Belcourt’s Education and Engagement Programs

At the Belcourt, we know there’s nothing quite like the shared experience of watching a movie. Entertaining, yes—but also thought-provoking, eye opening and challenging.

Through education and engagement, we expand those shared connections, giving both adult and young audiences opportunities to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for the creative content of quality films.

Programs to build audiences and inspire life-long learning

Films at the Belcourt inspire conversations. We leverage this impetus by involving our audiences in opportunities for discussion, debate and dialogue around the issues, background, history and context of selected films and filmmakers.


FLiCX stands for faculty-led interactive cinematic exploration. The program began as a collaboration with Vanderbilt University, but has grown to include faculty from all other universities and colleges in our area. 


Directors via Skype
In a pioneering program that gives audiences the chance to interact with the creator of a film they’ve just seen, the Belcourt hosts Q&A sessions via Skype with directors throughout the year. The Belcourt leads among the country’s art house theatres in the quantity and continuity of these sessions, giving Nashville filmgoers a unique experience.


With our Robert Bresson series, the Belcourt inaugurated an accompanying symposium that included four sessions led by different film critics and writers, followed by film screenings. With attendance exceeding all expectations, these symposiums provided opportunities for in-depth learning about the work of one of modern cinema’s greatest directors.

Partnerships to engage, educate young audiences and promote visual literacy

In an age when information and images dominate screens of all kinds, the power of quality films to educate and inspire is greater than ever. Using films to help young people gain valuable visual literacy is a core goal of the Belcourt’s education and engagement work.

In less than a year, we’ve already initiated a series of key partnerships in this area.


Martha O’Bryan Center
We travel to the Martha O’Bryan Center monthly, showing films to after-school and summer camp groups. Each screening is followed by age-appropriate discussion and conversation.


Oasis Center

In collaboration with the Oasis Center's Reaching Excellence as Leaders (R.E.A.L.) program, the Belcourt brings documentaries that help young people discuss contemporary timely issues, encouraging their own story telling and reflection. 


School visits
We encourage and cultivate area schools’ visits to the Belcourt for relevant and special screenings. And we often enhance those visits by providing tours of the theatre itself, so that young audiences can see how a film is actually projected and shown on a big screen. We hosted a recent tour for Currey Ingram Academy, for example, and a visit and screening for students from Kipp Academy.



Kids from the Martha O'Bryan Center's summer program visit for their own screening of Studio Ghibli's PONYO—and had a close encounter with real 35mm film.