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Olde Worlde Theatre presents

Olde Worlde Theatre presents "The Little Mermaid"

Come journey with the Little Mermaid on this magical and mystical tale! Starting out in her watery home under the sea, we find our heroine, soon to be on her quest to realize her heart's desire. Along the way she makes discoveries about life, love and self sacrifice. The show is done with cool special effects, beautiful costumes, comedy, movement and mime magic. It's a wonderful adventure in live theater for the whole family.

SEMINAR: Cinema on Edge: Hollywood and the Cold War

SEMINAR: Cinema on Edge: Hollywood and the Cold War

Cinema on Edge explores the kind of stories Hollywood told about American political culture during the Cold War and how it chose particular aesthetic arrangements to stage the tensions of the times. Vanderbilt professors Jennifer Fay and Lutz Koepnick will lead a highly interactive discussion using clips and slides from films in the Belcourt’s Politics in Black & White series and other relevant movies.

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