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Fri-Thu, Jun 21-27
Opens Fri, Jun 21
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Ends Sat, Jun 22
Wed, Jun 19 at 2:30pm, 7:10pm | Sat, Jun 22 at 5:40pm, 10:00pm | Sun, Jun 23 at 7:10pm
Fri, Jun 21 at 7:30pm, 10:00pm | Sat, Jun 22 at 1:20pm, 10:10pm | Sun, Jun 23 at 9:25pm
Sat, Jun 22 at 3:10pm, 7:30pm | Tue, Jun 25 at 1:50pm, 6:45pm
Sun, Jun 23 at 2:25pm, 7:00pm | Tue, Jun 25 at 4:20pm, 9:15pm
Thu, Jun 20 at 2:30pm, 7:00pm | Sun, Jun 23 at 4:50pm, 9:00pm

⭐️ “A tender gem about the power of human connection.” —IndieWire
⭐️ “A riveting redemption story.” —Deadline
⭐️ “Beautifully expresses an act of love.” —The Moveable Feast

Opening this Fri, Jun 21, Alex Thompson and Kelly O’Sullivan’s GHOSTLIGHT is a moving, gently comic collaboration is about the power of live theater to make sense of our offstage dramas and personal narratives (tickets at link in bio, or

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“Every beautiful frame casts a spell.” —Tara Brady, @irishtimesnews

Opening this Fri, Jun 21, Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s BANEL & ADAMA — a rare debut feature that premiered in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, and Senegal’s official submission to the 96th Academy Awards, BANEL & ADAMA is a lush and lyrical West African dreamscape, a tragic romance that soars to the heights of longing and descends deep into the realm of myth as it sets its protagonists’ perfect everlasting love on a collision course with their community’s traditions. (See link in bio, or

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“Pushes the boundaries of the so-called lockdown movie with its thrilling, chaotic form… COMA plays like an amuse-bouche to Bonello’s recent epic, THE BEAST.” —Beatrice Loayza @nytimes

In limited engagement, Bertrand Bonello’s COMA this Sat at 12:15 (with an intro from film critic Jason Shawhan), this Sun at 9pm — and Thu, Jun 20 at 5:30pm and 9:50pm (tickets at link in bio, or <>)

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Tickets on sale now for our exclusive 35mm engagement of Ti West’s #MAXXXINE | Opening Wed, July 3 🎟️ Get yours now at link in bio or ...

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Now playing FLIPSIDE… (Tickets at link in bio, or

When filmmaker @chriswilcha revisits the record store he worked at as a teenager in New Jersey, he finds the once-thriving bastion of music and weirdness from his youth slowly falling apart and out of touch with the times. FLIPSIDE documents his tragicomic attempt to revive the store while revisiting other documentary projects he has abandoned over the years. This disparate collection of stories coheres into something strange and expansive — a moving meditation on music, work, and the sacrifices and satisfaction of trying to live a creative life.

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Join us this Saturday, June 15th for
“Panic Like It’s 1999: Crisis in Turn of the Century Cinema” led by Claire Sisco King, chair of Cinema and Media Arts at Vanderbilt University


The year 1999 was a very strange time in our lives.
It was a watershed moment in cinema history. The movies saw several industry-changing developments, including the move to fully computer-animated films in the TOY STORY franchise and the use of bullet time in THE MATRIX films. These developments within the cinema were paralleled by other technological advancements — including the birth of the Blackberry and the continued expansion of the Internet. In turn, these changes inspired stylistic and narrative innovations in films like RUN LOLA RUN and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH. This seminar will address a spectrum of changes and innovations in the cinema of 1999 and their relationship to each other — considering both the context from which these changes emerged and their implications for the cinema of the 21st century.

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Just announced! Our 4th installment of Queer Qlassics. Five films, Wednesdays at 8pm, Jul 10 – Aug 7. And it’s Dialectrifying! Tickets now on sale (link in bio, or ...

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“Wickedly funny, an ode to youthful overachievers…. Director [Alexander] Payne doesn’t allow you to smugly laugh at his characters; he’s going to make you walk a mile in their perfectly polished penny loafers first.” —Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon (Apr 28, 1999)

ELECTION this Fri, Jun 14 at 2:35pm + 7pm*** — and next Tue, Jun 18 at 3:30pm, 5:45pm + 8pm. (***And we’ve got Pick Flick buttons for the first 70 people arriving for this Fri’s 7pm screening!)

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“I sit in a cubicle and I update bank software for the 2000 switch.”

Mike Judge’s OFFICE SPACE this Thu, Jun 13 at 4:05pm + 8:20pm* (*with an intro from Belcourt staff member Coley Hinson) — and Sun, Jun 16 at 2:45pm + 9:20pm >

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SAT, JUN 15 | 11AM-12:15PM

Panic Like It’s 1999: Crisis in Turn of the Century Cinema

Led by Claire Sisco King, chair of Cinema and Media Arts at Vanderbilt University 

This seminar is in conjunction with the 1999 series. It will be presented in the 1966 Hall, prior to the 12:30pm matinee of TOY STORY 2.

Film tickets and seminar tickets are sold separately.

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“Sleek, gripping entertainment with a raw-nerved, changeable camera style that helps to amplify its meaning… By far Mann’s most fully realized and enthralling work.” —Janet Marlin @nytimes (Nov 5, 1999).

Today (Wed) at 1:45pm + 7:45pm* (*with an intro from film critic Jason Shawhan), #MichaelMann’s THE INSIDER. Also screening this Sat, Jun 15 at 5:25pm. In #35pm. (Tickets at link in bio, or

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“To watch the movie today is to reaffirm how smartly made it was, and how influential it has become to a generation of suspense and horror movies following it.” —Chicago Tribune

Last chance to catch
M. Night Shyamalan‘s THE SIXTH SENSE!

TUE, JUN 11 AT 3:20PM, 5:40PM, 8:00PM

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“Finds catharsis and beauty in the power of our collective imagination” re @nashvillescene.

One night only — this Wed, Jun 12, 4:15pm + 8pm! The QUEER FUTThrough four short films, the QUEER FUTURES series radically imagines future visions of queer life — the four shorts explore fat beauty and liberation, gender-affirming healthcare, nonbinary siblinghood in ballroom culture, and the anonymous connections of a decades-old LGBTQ hotline. (Tickets at link in bio, or

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RUSH on over to catch MORE of our 1999 series today with Wes Anderson’s sophomore film RUSHMORE

MON, JUN 10 AT 3:35PM, 5:40PM, 8:00PM

FRI, JUN 14 AT 4:50PM, 9:15PM

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“The decades have done little to wither the poetic originality that clings to the film like a diaphanous shroud.” —David Harris, Spectrum Culture

In a new 4K restoration, #LynneRamsay’s 1999 RATCATCHER screens this Sun, Jun 9 at 2:45pm + 7pm* (*with an intro from Allison Inman, the Belcourt’s education and engagement director) — and on Thu, Jun 13 at 2pm + 6:15pm (tickets at link in bio, or

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In a limited engagement — this Fri-Sun, Jun 7-9 + next Thu, Jun 13 — Don Hertzfeldt’s newest animated film ME, screening with IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY (returning to theaters for the first time since 2012) >

IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY has been hailed by critics and audiences alike as one of the best animated films of all time. Originally released as three short films over the course of six years, the picture was captured entirely in-camera on a 35mm rostrum animation stand.

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Just announced! In recognition of Nicole Kidman’s recent AFI Life Achievement Award, our new series, A Celebration of Nicole Kidman (with 8 films she selected) — June 26 – July 7. Tickets now on sale (link in bio, or ...

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This Wed-Thu, Jun 5-6 only — MAN RAY: RETURN TO REASON. The four films Man Ray directed between 1923 and 1929 Le Retour À La Raison, Emak-Bakia, L’étoile De Mer And Les Mystères Du Château Du Dé — represent a high watermark of early European avant-garde cinema. (Tickets at link in bio, or

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Le Retour À La Raison, the Jim Jarmusch-Carter Logan combo Sqürl present MAN RAY: RETURN TO REASON, with a newly-recorded drone rock soundtrack for that title as well as the three other Ray films. The band’s cosmic sounds complement Ray’s work by conjuring the beautiful, ineffable, haunting and sublime.

The restoration process was led by Womanray and Cinenovo sourcing original prints from various parts of the world, in partnership with La Cinémathèque française, the Centre Pompidou, the Library of Congress, the French CNC and Cineteca di Bologna.

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