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Screening canceled due to weather


  • Dir. Lucy Walker
  • USA
  • 2021
  • 126 min.
  • DCP


Part of Sundance Film Festival 2021: Premieres.


The weather forecast that’s least good for our drive-in is wind — given our outsized, outdoor screen. So unfortunately, with tonight’s windy forecast — plus possible heavy rainfall — we’re cancelling tonight’s 9pm drive-in screening of BRING YOUR OWN BRIGADE. And because it’s one of our Sundance Satellite screenings, we’re unable to re-schedule, and we’ll be refunding your ticket. But you can screen the film tomorrow morning, Sun, Jan 31, at 9am CST (morning screenings are a Sundance tradition!). Here’s the link to the full program. Thanks for your understanding! And thank you for supporting the Belcourt.

Raging, out-of-control wildfires have become part of the new normal around the globe, leaving heartbreaking devastation and death in their wake. In California, this harsh reality was underscored on November 8, 2018, when several parts of the state were ablaze—the Camp Fire destroying most of the Northern California town of Paradise and the Woolsey Fire roaring through Malibu in the south. In the aftermath, residents face unthinkable loss. As they struggle to rebuild, they debate what could be done to prevent further tragedy.

Filmmaker Lucy Walker (The Crash Reel, 2013 Sundance Film Festival) wonders if it has to be this way. She digs into the surprising history and complex range of causes of uncontrolled fires—from climate change and ill-considered fire suppression policies to the influence of wealthy corporate interests. Her film reveals how responsibility continually gets shifted, with ordinary people left suffering the dangerous consequences. Bring Your Own Brigade cogently exposes our out-of-balance relationship with nature and explores what it will take to restore this delicate equilibrium.

Contains scenes of destruction and death.

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