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Fri, Jul 21 at Midnight


  • Dir. David Lynch
  • USA
  • 1977
  • 89 min.
  • NR
  • DCP
  • Assistive Listening
  • Hearing Loop

Part of Midnight Movies

Fri, Jul 21 at Midnight: Introduction from artist and Belcourt staffer Cody Lee Hardin | BUY TICKETS

In David Lynch’s first feature, a lowly worker who lives in a stark, industrial world is beset upon by nightmarish visions when his girlfriend and her mutant newborn move into his small apartment. Every bit as experimental and astounding as it was when first released, ERASERHEAD is unlike anything before or since: surreal and expressionistic, upsetting and inspiring, a work of art so original that it’s spawned a litany of pretenders, love letters and send-ups.

“Beautiful and strange, with its profoundly disturbing ambient sound design of industrial groaning, as if filmed inside some collapsing factory or gigantic dying organism…. As gripping as when I first saw it at the time.” —Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Black humor, gore, surrealism, erotic imagery, gorgeous black-and-white cinematography…presented in such a unique and deeply personal manner that the end result was something that literally looked, sounded and felt like nothing that had ever come before it.” —Peter Sobczynski,

“What makes ERASERHEAD great — and still, perhaps the best of all Lynch's films? Intensity. Nightmare clarity. And perhaps also it's the single-mindedness of its vision; Lynch's complete control over this material, where, working on a shoestring, he served as director, producer, writer, editor and sound designer.” —Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

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