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Based on current CDC guidelines, masks are required at the Belcourt, except when eating/drinking in your seat.

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  • Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson
  • USA
  • 2021
  • 133 min.
  • R
  • 35mm
  • Assistive Listening
  • Hearing Loop
Please Note: Mon-Thu, Jan 17-20 screenings at 5:30pm and Sat-Sun, Jan 22-23 at 2:20pm are presented digitally and include Closed Captioning (for patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing) and Descriptive Audio (for patrons with visual impairment). All other screenings are presented in 35mm.

The story of Alana Kane (Alana Haim) and Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman) growing up, running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973.  Written and directed by heralded filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson (BOOGIE NIGHTS, MAGNOLIA), this potent coming-of-age drama tracks the treacherous navigation of first love.

“It’s undoubtedly one of the best films of the year, and of Anderson’s career.” —Clint Worthington, Consequence Film

"With LICORICE PIZZA, [Anderson] has sifted through a haze of wildly embellished tales and half-forgotten memories — and pieced together something that feels more concrete, more achingly, tangibly real, than just about any American movie this year." —Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

“I don't want to get too hyperbolic here, but watching LICORICE PIZZA reminded me why I love movies so much; particularly the way they can drop us into another place and another time, and embed us completely into the lives of total strangers. If LICORICE PIZZA had stretched on for another hour, I would've been perfectly content to go along.” —Chris Evangelists, Slash Film

The Belcourt Theatre does not provide advisories about subject matter or potential triggering content, as sensitivities vary from person to person.

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