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Tue Aug 22 at 6:00pm


  • Dir. Cathryne Czubek
  • Uganda/USA
  • 2021
  • 94 min.
  • NR
  • DCP
  • Assistive Listening
  • Subtitled
  • Hearing Loop
Note: ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA plays Friday night as a double feature with WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? and again on Tuesday as a separately ticketed screening prior to, it’s worth noting, TOUKI BOUKI.

Welcome to Wakaliwood, Uganda: home of “DA BEST OF DA BEST MOVIES!” and the vanguards of DIY commando cinema. Under the guidance of writer/producer/director Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey (IGG) and with producer/star Alan Ssali Hofmanis, this crack crew of self-taught filmmakers and martial arts aficionados produce dozens of gonzo action films in the Kampala ghetto with budgets that rarely exceed $200 USD. Utilizing scrap parts to build computers, machine guns and a full-sized Huey helicopter, these real-life superheroes inspire more heart, imagination and soul than a thousand Hollywood blockbusters. ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA follows the team who have catapulted Wakaliwood to worldwide stardom with their own gonzo action movies, bringing joy to millions of people across the internet.

NYT Critic’s Pick: “Wakaliwood is more than a production house; it’s a spirit of ragtag moviemaking born from the pure desire to create… [It is] as playful as Nabwana’s audacious movies” —Robert Daniels, New York Times

“A triumph on all levels. It is filmed with style, follows immensely likable people, and has an infectious, exuberant spirit that is impossible to resist. If you haven’t seen one of Isaac Nabwana’s films, I highly recommend checking them out.” —Bobby LePire, Film Threat

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