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Sat, Mar 9 at 8:10pm


  • Dir. Christopher Nolan
  • UK/USA
  • 2023
  • 180 min.
  • R
  • 4K DCP
  • Assistive Listening
  • Closed Captioning
  • Descriptive Audio
  • Hearing Loop

Part of Best Picture Marathon

Nominated for 13 Academy Awards® including Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role (Cillian Murphy), Actor in a Supporting Role (Robert Downey Jr.), Actress in a Supporting Role (Emily Blunt), Directing, Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound, Production Design, Music (Original Score), Writing (Adapted Screenplay), Makeup and Hairstyling, and Costume Design

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, OPPENHEIMER is an epic thriller that thrusts audiences into the pulse-pounding paradox of the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it. The film stars Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer and Emily Blunt as his wife, biologist and botanist Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer.

Oscar® winner Matt Damon portrays General Leslie Groves Jr., director of the Manhattan Project, and Robert Downey, Jr. plays Lewis Strauss, a founding commissioner of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Academy Award® nominee Florence Pugh plays psychiatrist Jean Tatlock, Benny Safdie plays theoretical physicist Edward Teller, Michael Angarano plays Robert Serber and Josh Hartnett plays pioneering American nuclear scientist Ernest Lawrence. OPPENHEIMER also stars Oscar® winner Rami Malek and reunites Nolan with eight-time Oscar nominated actor, writer and filmmaker Kenneth Branagh.

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