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Wed, Jul 17 at 8:00pm


  • Dir. Bertrand Bonello
  • France/Belgium
  • 2014
  • 150 min.
  • R
  • 4K DCP

In French with English subtitles

  • Assistive Listening
  • Subtitled
  • Hearing Loop

Part of Queer Qlassics

Wed, Jul 17 at 8:00pm: Introduction from Jason Shawhan, Queer Qlassics programmer and senior film critic for the Nashville Scene | BUY TICKETS

A vibrant and libidinous tear through the birth of ready-to-wear fashion and the legacy of a queer eye creating for women’s vibes, SAINT LAURENT is love mixed in with the louche, sleaze of a piece with sweetness. Though hampered by the reticence of the official estate, director/co-writer Bertrand Bonello was able to craft a ‘truer than the truth’ analysis of legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent (played by both Gaspard Ulliel and Helmut Berger) with a team of gifted designers and a willingness to get at some of the deeply messy emotional truths of a fascinating 20th century life. What means more: a smile or a gesture?

“Bertrand Bonello's SAINT LAURENT is an exquisite opium den, a biography of sensual feelings rather than of fact.” —Kong Rithdee, Bangkok Post 

“Audacious and a bit snarky, delving into the designer's 1970s excesses without restraint…. Names are dropped ... and so are the pants.” —Kent Turner, 

“We can never have too many scenes of half-naked beautiful people spaced out in slo-mo to Giorgio Moroder-like music.” —Jordan Hoffman,

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