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Fri, Sep 30 | Mon, Oct 3


  • Dir. Tony Scott
  • UK
  • 1983
  • 97 min.
  • R
  • DCP
  • Assistive Listening
  • Hearing Loop

Part of Bowie On Film, October Sucks and Music City Mondays.

Dr. Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon) is one of the foremost researchers in sleep and longevity research. But she’s never seen anything like Miriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve). For centuries, Miriam has lived on the blood of the living — and the love of the undead. And destiny has set Dr. Roberts in the path of a force older than the pyramids. With David Bowie, Ann Magnuson, Dan Hedaya, and Bauhaus.

“The film's enduring quality is its ineffable coolness, which feels inextricable from Scott's supposedly lowbrow music video origins.” —Simran Hans, The New Statesman

“The movie reeks with chic, but never, for one minute, takes itself too seriously, nor does it ever slop over into camp.” —Vincent Canby, New York Times

“Like so many other films from British commercials directors, THE HUNGER (from the novel by Whitley Strieber) is all visual and aural flash, although this modern vampire story looks so great, as do its three principal performers, and is so bizarre that it possesses a certain perverse appeal.” —Variety