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Virtual: F.T.A.

  • Dir. Francine Parker
  • USA
  • 1972
  • 97 min.
  • R
  • New Restoration
Virtual: F.T.A.
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“The Show The Pentagon Couldn’t Stop!” — In 1971, at the height of the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland toured an anti-war comedy show across Southeast Asia. It was directly engaged with and inspired by veterans against the war — and naturally, it upset U.S. military higher-ups. The F.T.A. tour was highly controversial, but was a huge success among stationed soldiers. In spite of positive reviews, the film version was quickly taken out of circulation due to political pressures and has been difficult to see for decades. 

F.T.A. has now been fully restored in 4K by IndieCollect with funding from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

“[A] fascinating slice of a fractious period in American history…. This was the rare production to question the Vietnam War at a time when Hollywood preferred to look the other way.” Phil Hall, Film Threat

“A time capsule of the anti-Vietnam War movement, F.T.A. is also a vivid flashback to a world-famous movie star’s stint as a political radical. At the peak of her celebrity, which coincided with the dawning of her political consciousness, Jane Fonda abdicated her Hollywood throne and remade herself as the face of the anti-establishment.” —Dennis Lim, LA Times

“...We believe that it was made to disappear deliberately by President Nixon was the movement within the American military that concerned him the most and got him the most riled up. So, to have it restored and preserved is, I think, a very important thing.” Jane Fonda, as quoted by Silvia Bizio at the 2020 Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) Restoration Summit 

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