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Mon, Feb 20 at 7:30pm (Doors at 7:00pm)

Rental Event: Megan Murphy Chambers is FUNNER

Presented by Megan Murphy Chambers

Rental Event: Megan Murphy Chambers is FUNNER

General Admission: $25 (+Belcourt Preservation Fee)


Following up on the raucous, sold-out event that was Megan Murphy Chambers is FUN in 2018, MMC is back and ready for FUNNER. On February 20th, for one night only, Nashville stage favorite Megan Murphy Chambers presents a show that will feature a wide variety of musical styles interwoven with Chambers’ hilarious take on current events and stories of times gone by. MMC is FUNNER is simultaneously an homage to classic cabaret – stand-up, parody, storytelling and audience engagement, and a tribute to current local flavor – a fabulous live band, a bevy of magnificent guest singers, and a truly historic venue.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll drink – FUNNER promises to be an evening of entertainment that more than lives up to its name.

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