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Mon, Feb 5 at 8:00pm


  • Dir. Hal Ashby
  • USA
  • 1971
  • 90 min.
  • R
  • 4K DCP
  • Assistive Listening
  • Hearing Loop
Mon, Feb 5 at 8:00pm: Introduction from Belcourt staff member Cody Lee Hardin | BUY TICKETS

Part of Swoon: A Love Series and Music City Mondays

Hounded by his mother to get out and date, death-obsessed young man Harold (Bud Cort) would rather attend funerals. But when he meets the feisty Maude (Ruth Gordon), a geriatric widow who’s high on life, they form a bond that turns into an unconventional romance. This bittersweet jet-black comedy classic soars — thanks to a career-defining performance from Gordon, director Hal Ashby’s signature quirky but humane depiction of ‘70s counterculture, and an absolutely iconic Cat Stevens soundtrack.

“In 1971, HAROLD AND MAUDE was a box-office disaster. In 1983, it is, at last, a profitable movie. Twelve years later, profit checks have been sent to HAROLD AND MAUDE’s director, Hal Ashby; its author, Colin Higgins; and its star, Ruth Gordon. Ruth Gordon almost threw her $50,000 check away. ‘I thought it was one of those sweepstakes from the Reader's Digest,’ she said.” —Aljean Harmetz, New York Times (1983)

“Today, HAROLD AND MAUDE continues to resonate with viewers of all ages who feel a natural kinship with misfits and oddballs, and many claim it has changed their lives forever.” —Pat Saperstein, Variety