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Sat, Jun 25 at Midnight


  • Dir. Ben Wheatley
  • UK
  • 2011
  • 95 min.
  • NR
  • 35mm
  • Assistive Listening
  • Hearing Loop

Part of Midnight Movies.

KILL LIST tells the story of an ex-soldier turned contract killer who is plunged into the heart of human darkness eight months after a disastrous hit job in Kiev. Physically and mentally scarred from his previous assignment, Jay (Neil Maskell) is pressured by his partner Gal (Michael Smiley) into taking on a series of three hits. As they descend into the bizarre, disturbing world of the contract, Jay’s world begins to unravel until fear and paranoia send him reeling towards a horrifying point of no return. From cult auteur Ben Wheatley, this brilliant meditation on masculine violence which mashes up the family drama, hitman action-thriller, and terrifying psychological horror film is a mind-blowing, genre-bending modern masterpiece.

The Belcourt Theatre does not provide advisories about subject matter or potential triggering content, as sensitivities vary from person to person.

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