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Sun, June 18 at 2:40pm


  • Dir. Laura Citarella
  • Argentina
  • 2022
  • 260 min. (+ 10 min. Intermission)
  • NR
  • DCP

In Spanish with English subtitles

  • Assistive Listening
  • Subtitled
  • Hearing Loop

One Screening Only

Sun, Jun 18 at 2:40pm: Introduction from film critic Jason Shawhan | BUY TICKETS

The search for a missing woman unspools in two unexpectedly interconnected parts in Laura Citarella’s playful new feature. The missing woman is Laura (Laura Paredes), a biologist cataloging plant species in and around the Argentinean city of Trenque Lauquen. The men searching for her: Rafael, her boyfriend, and Ezequiel, a coworker who has come to mean more to her in recent days. But in order to uncover the truth of Laura’s disappearance, a profusion of mysteries must be explored. There’s the question of love letters hidden in books in the local library and the discovery of a new species of flower — and then there’s the mysterious being, rumored to be haunting the lake at the center of town. From El Pampero Cine, the collective behind LA FLOR, comes a labyrinthine tale of obsessive pursuit and the quest for personal freedom. 

NYT Critics Pick: “Wondrous… Familiar hints of horror and detective stories appear like red herrings, but the ultimate effect is of a campfire tale. The pleasure lies in the telling — the invention of fictions, the performance of emotions — rather than in the details of plot. Once you lose yourself in the thickets of TRENQUE LAUQUEN, you won’t want to be found.” —Devika Girish, New York Times

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