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Frequently Asked Questions about the Belcourt’s Virtual Events

We’ve compiled this overview to answer questions you may have about how you can watch the new releases we’re making available — and participate in other online film engagement offerings we have.

Thank you for supporting the Belcourt.

Belcourt Drive-In

Looking for Belcourt Drive-In FAQs? Click here.

What kinds of programming and online engagement is the Belcourt doing?

Virtual screenings of new releases you can watch at home  — In partnerships with film distributors, we’re offering new releases that (in most cases) we’d have shown in the theatre itself — and your virtual ticket purchase helps support the Belcourt. These are movies that aren’t available for rental or streaming elsewhere (i.e. through platforms like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes).

Seminars and other film engagement opportunities — We’ve recently concluded a four-part, online version of our popular seminar, Anatomy of Cinema. We also have an online Living Room Film Club, in partnership with the Nashville Scene.

Watch parties and film chats — With some of the same spirit that’s behind our Belcourt Midnights experience, we’re creating pre-shows, special intros, and online Belcourt staff commentary for watch parties of selected films. The pre-shows, commentary and chat happen on Twitch — while participants all watch the movie together on a separate platform (i.e. Netflix or other streaming service).

In addition to our website information, you’ll hear more about our ongoing programming and engagement activities via our Belcourt emails and our FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Can we watch these virtual screenings of new releases on our TV or must it be on a computer screen?

It just depends on the film and the streaming platform the distributor is using. Each film page lists how the film can be viewed.

As of Sep 4, 2020, most of our virtual offerings are now hosted directly through the Belcourt’s ticketing system and are watchable on a computer, tablet, smartphone, Chromecast, or Airplay.

Here’s some general info on streaming that may help too:

The easiest way to get content from your computer (from the emailed link a distributor sends you) to your TV screen is to “mirror” what’s on your computer to your TV with an HDMI cord.  Simply connect your computer to your TV with the cord, and you are set!

If your TV allows you to log-on to the internet, you can navigate to your email account, and then play the film from the link sent to you by the distributor.

Other options: How do I watch on my Smart TV?

It depends on the Smart TV you have. There are several options.

Watching from an App on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc

Some Smart TVs will let you download Apps from distributors on to your smart TV – then you can sign in to the app and watch the film through the app.

Learn how to download an App on RokuApple TVAmazon Firestick


You can “cast” a video from your computer or smart device (phone, iPad) using the following steps

  • Open the movie on your device (computer or phone)
  • At the bottom right of the screen you should see the casting icon. It looks like this:
  • If you don’t see that icon and you’re casting from a computer in the Chrome browser, you can open the menu in the upper right corner of the window (or the View menu) and select “Cast”
  • Once you select that button, it should give you the option to select a nearby device, so you’d then select your Chromecast. If you don’t see your Chromecast, make sure both devices are on the same wireless network

You can find more details on the Chromecast website.

Apple TV

You can do that using a method called AirPlay! Here is how to do it:

  • Open the movie on your Apple device (computer, iPhone or iPad)
  • At the bottom right of the video window you should see the AirPlay icon. It looks like this:
  • Once you tap the icon, select “Apple TV” from the list of devices

And that should be it! You can also find these instructions and more information on the Apple website.


You can cast a video from your Android or Windows device using the following steps:

  • Open the movie on your device
  • At the bottom right of the screen you should see the casting icon. It looks like this:
  • Once you select that button, it should give you the option to select a nearby device, so you’d then select your Roku/Chromecast.
  • If you don’t see your Roku/Chromecast, make sure both devices are on the same wireless network. The channel should launch automatically and playback will begin!

Is there a Belcourt member price for these virtual screenings?

If the film is hosted through the Belcourt’s ticketing, there is usually a member discount and members do not have to pay a service fee.

Please note that our arrangements with film distributors in these unprecedented times means we’re occasionally unable to offer member pricing. Thanks for your understanding and for your support. And if you’d like to consider an additional donation to the Belcourt, we’d be most grateful. You can do so here.

I am trying to purchase a virtual ticket, and I can’t remember my Belcourt password.

If you see the Belcourt’s logo on the sign in page: use the “Forgot your password?” link. If you’re still having trouble, please email us: (be sure to mention which film you’re trying to rent).

Occasionally some of the virtual films we offer are ticketed through their respective distributors—not through the Belcourt’s regular ticketing. In that case, your Belcourt login will not work on those sites and, depending on the film and its distributor, you may have to create an account.

How can I help the Belcourt?

The Belcourt has always been supported by a wonderful community of film fans. At this unprecedented time, you can help simply by making a much-appreciated donation to the Belcourt’s Resiliency Fund — or by becoming a member, renewing your membership, or moving your membership to a higher level.

However you’re able to give, we’re most grateful. Thank you.

How will the COVID19 closure affect memberships?

Opening with a limited capacity means that our ticket sales will be severely depleted. We’re grateful for the continued stream of membership revenue — and we deeply appreciate the support those tax deductible gifts mean for the Belcourt.

While the Belcourt was closed, we were depending solely on the generosity of our members and donors — because without the revenue from tickets and concessions, those gifts will make it possible for the Belcourt to continue to offer innovative programming and prepare for the safest possible reopening.